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Children's game, role, society, power, seduction or even with oneself, the competition "Les Regards de l'ICART" has highlighted this fascinating multi-faceted theme.

Our godmother


Winner of the first prize in classical dance from the CNSMD in Paris , Mathilda May participated in an audition for the film "Nemo" in 1984, and obtained her first role as an actress.

Four years later, her performance in "Le cri du Hibou" by Claude Chabrol was awarded the César for Best Female Hope . This is how his international career began on the small and big screen.

May 2019 marked a new turning point in her career when she won the Molière for Best Director for the play "Le banquet".

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Today, Mathilda May is putting on a new work on the stage: "Monsieur X" with Pierre Richard .

The jury for the 2020 edition

The Regards de l'Icart 2020 team

Communication pole

Noémie, Tatiana and Rozenn

Candidates pole

Camille, Pauline and Alice

Jury Department

Ponette, Eva and Cécile

Production division

Dimitri, Tess and Bihong

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